Item collection 1248188 original

Abstract Roads


Item collection 1248189 original

Flowers and Red Pot


Item collection 1268686 original

Studio Still Life


Item collection 1320611 original

Still Life #7


Item collection 1096299 original

Christmas plant


Item collection 1096333 original

Pomegranate and pot


Item collection 3286529 original

Coffee pot


Item collection 1300091 original

Still Life #6


Item collection 1300068 original

Still Life #5


Item collection 2973183 original



Kostas Fine Art

KostasArt Shop offers Original Fine Art Paintings.
Kostas, works mostly with oils on canvas, but he works also with acrylics, pastels, watercolors and graphite pencils. He's passionate painting portraits, still life, landscape and seascapes.
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